(Z)iprights is About Revisiting Copyright Formalities

Creators are driven to express themselves, and to share their creations with the world. Sometimes works shared this way will be celebrated, but often they will be ridiculed. Even when well-received, licensing for fair compensation is fraught with challenges. Then there’s the chance that they will be stolen and used for personal gain by others without compensation or attribution.

The Problem: Enforcement of rights is practically limited to large, mostly corporate actors who have the financial resources to protect their rights. Meanwhile, these same actors are often hesitant to source the availability of works produced by independent creators, because they cannot conveniently secure and formalize rights to use.

Some have stated that copyright is dead for certain categories of works. Though this view may agree with many who make works available online, (Z)iprights believes each creator should continue to control whether to assert their rights in all media.

That said, we agree that works distributed online and absent an expressed assertion of rights should be presumed to be available to be used by others. That’s something that will take years to happen. Until it does, (Z)iprights provides creators with an additional means of announcing where such a presumption is not applicable, and it provides prospective copiers, distributors and others an avenue to secure lawful use.