A Problem, A Solution

The problem with distributing creative works by any means but especially online is that the unscrupulous steal them without consequence because enforcing rights requires considerable resources. Meanwhile conscionable buyers avoid these same works because discovering authors is often hard, and when it’s not, securing rights requires special knowledge. (Z)iprights helps overcome these challenges.

For Buyers

Discover creators, negotiate and secure rights to copyright works

  • 1. Register

    Represent yourself or act as an agent of a corporation

  • 2. See availability

    See copyright works or authors using their hashtag in connection with their works

  • 3. Make offers

    Use the hashtag to assemble and communicate offers, counter-offers. Receive licenses.

Find a creator!

For Sellers

Assert rights, receive offers and sell licenses to your copyright works

  • 1. Reserve hashtag

    Select and reserve a hashtag for your exclusive use in connection with your works

  • 2. Advertise using hashtag

    Use the hashtag in connection with your copyright-works

  • 3. Receive offers

    Buyer will use the hashtag to communicate with you, and send you offers

Reserve hashtag!

A Copyright Marketplace

(Z)iprights is a non-commercial service that facilitates trade in copyright works. We allow creators to register a unique identifier (a “hashtag”) and use it in connection with their creations. The hashtag allows buyers to go to ziprights.com, assemble licensing offers, and have these communicated to creator-sellers. If accepted, we allow the buyer and seller to formalize their agreement and the scope of the license grant.

Rights Management Collective

In addition, we aim to identify infringers and, partnering with copyright professionals everywhere, fund the pursuit of available remedies. To this end, (Z)iprights may at some time in the future directly enable online payments between contracting parties, collect a portion of the transaction amount from the buyer, and reserve this amount in an action fund for such causes. But that’s the future.

Our Members

Members can be corporations or individuals, and from any country. Protection extends to include familiar works of authorship (poems, plays and manuscripts), blueprints, computer instructions, musical compositions, sound recordings, and photographs, to name a few categories.

Greg Matthews #gregmatthews

Greg Matthews is an award-winning travel photographer, based in Vancouver, Canada. Originally from Wallaceburg, Ontario, he has spend the last 20 years travelling to remote places in Asia and South America. Greg's photo reveal the character of each region in landscapes and the commonplace activities of the people he meets.

Aneeza Ashraf #aneezaashraf

Aneeza Ashraf is a young illustrator, living in Pakistan, who has been working on a contract for the past two years. Her specialty area is children's storybooks which, she explains, allow her to create expressive fantasy landscapes, theatrical animals, and bright-eyed young characters.